I recently found myself at a baby shower and watched as the mother to be opened scores of gifts. I’ve never witnessed so much useless loot in my life. I can tell you from general observations that most baby gear especially stuff for newborns isn’t necessary. on the contrary, After my second baby was born I went about getting by with just five items. take a look at my list:

1. car seat

There’s no getting around it. you should only can’t get by without a car seat. And unlike other items that you can buy used, Safety experts advise that you purchase a new one for your baby.

2. cot

Even if you will want co sleep with your newborn, it’s possible you’ll eventually want him to snooze behind bars. remember the fact that cribs are constantly getting recalled, So you will have to stay on top of the latest news and buy one with fixed sides.

3. baby strollers

strollers are a bit like cars. you can’t really survive without one. But the great news is that you can spend as little or as much as you want on a set of wheels. My recommendation by friends is to start off with a frame (and cheap panther jerseys
also this costs about $55) For the infant seat. Then buy something bigger once your child reaches six months and you have a better handle on your needs.

4. Bouncie easy chair

there’s no doubt a child can Cheap Packers Jerseys
survive without a bouncie seat. But it sure is nice to have someplace to put your baby as you are mixing bottles or want to give your back a break.

5. Baby containers

although you may breast feed, You might wish to give your child expressed milk in a baby bottle. But that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy ones that hold just two or four ounces. In just a couple of months your infant will start Wholesale Packers Jerseys
drinking six ounces and those petite bottles will become obsolete.

however, deal,you will also get need clothing, approach and diapers. But I didn’t include these out there since I don’t consider them baby gear.

What about other so called necessities? you may be thinking I forgot about the changing table. no. I ended up changing my son’s diapers on a towel on the bed. since she’s over six months, I decided to position a changing pad on top of a dresser.

I don’t even want an infant tub. Your kitchen or bathroom sink is the perfect size for a child’s bath. And want he or she outgrows the basin, You can just transfer her / him into your regular bathtub.

I’ll admit that when a baby reaches six months, You’ll need a few other items. A high chair is useful. you’ll also want some books and other developmentally appropriate toys. nevertheless, after more, There’s no reason to spend a small fortune. If you check around, You probably have friends with older kids who are just dying to present you their slightly used gear. there are numerous ways I scored a Baby Einstein exersaucer.

So what should you do with all the money you’ll save not buying baby gear? the obvious answer is: Open a college savings account and start investing for your kid’s future.

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